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We specialize in photo restoration and image or color correction, but also offer artistic variations of your photographs through special colorizations, sketches, digital watercolor effects, or digital oil effects on stretched paper canvas. Storytelling composites, photo manipulations, vintage prints, slide or negative scanning, and genealogy packages round out our list of services. Where most online restorers offer digital only products, we provide actual prints of your restored photo at about the same prices.

The samples below illustrate just some of the possibilities along with estimated pricing, but no job is too large or too small. Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the sample and use your browser's back button to return to the products page. And always feel free to contact us if you have questions.  

printed on 5 x 7 $16.00 $10.00
SATIN or 8 x 10 $25.00 $13.00
MATTE 11 x 14 $45.00 $23.00
 finish paper 16 x 20 $65.00 $30.00

School Girl

School Girl Photo - Basic. Client’s school photo at age ten.  The photo is scanned and enlarged to 8 x 10 from a tiny, 1.5 x 2.5 faded, 1934 original (see inset), then color corrected and restored, with special attention to eyes. This is considered our basic restoration (Basic Restoration Costs) and all restorations receive this attention.  The extra print costs listed throughout our website are for prints made at the time of the original order. Later prints will be quoted upon request.

 Restoration © B Green, Sanders Green Imaging 1993 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)



Additions and Deletions. Nearly 70 years ago, a photographer snapped this memory with a tilted camera and shaky hands. Since it is the only photo the client has ever had of her whole family together, she doesn't mind that the image is also a bit blurry when it enlarges to 8 x 10. (Original size, color, and extent of tilt are shown on the inset.) The extra child is not a family member. She is removed and the background redrawn.

Deletions generally call for redrawing the background. Sometimes this is a cloning technique and sometimes artistic skill is required. The fence post is drawn.

We charge the Basic Costs plus $15 for each deletion; $5 for each addition.

Restoration © Sanders Green Imaging 2013  (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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Story Telling

Storytelling is an integral part of picture taking since most photos record a special event or person. Even the ubiquitous "selfies" have a story to tell, and if you cannot keep the story with the photo, it will become lost to time. We are proud to offer our Storytelling service, because we know how important this documentation can be to you and to your descendants.

The example is a 14 x 11 composite showing the original photo scanned at actual size and condition and then digitally added to the image, along with the STORY of the photo. The restored image is color corrected and retouched. A hint of blue color is added to increase the focus on the main character. Stories are most effective when printed with images at 8 x10 or larger, but of course we can make them smaller.

And remember, just adding a name, location, date, or event to the photo is something your great-grandchildren will appreciate. Even if you buy nothing from us, try to do that with your images, but please know that ball point pens will bleed through eventually.  If we write on the back of our photographs, we use a soft lead pencil, or size .005 pigment pen in the margin areas. Your originals are always returned untouched.

Add $15 to the Basic Costs listed at the top of this page for us to compose the images and add your words (or write it if you wish) to your story. We offer spot colors for only $5 each and you are given a low-res, digital proof to approve before we print your story. If all you need is a cutline, we'll add type to the front of the photo we print for $3.00 per line.  

Restoration and Editing © Sanders Green Imaging, 2013 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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Phot Manipulation

Photo Manipulation. Part of the fun of messing with photographs is to occasionally dive into the world of fantasy. The image shown is composed from 12 different photographs. The model is photographed in pretend poses and then inserted into the image. Most of you have seen similar ideas — now you can have something for yourself that is distinctly your own. If you have an idea, talk with us. We can explore the options and give you an excellent quote. These images do best at 8 x 10 or larger.

Price quoted per project.

Touching the Gaussian Blur © B Green, Sanders Green Imaging, 2004 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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Compositing family and friends into a cohesive portrait is the perfect way to bring together those separated through time or space. It makes an excellent gift. We can use a background of your choosing, or come up with something ourselves.

Cousins is created from individual photographs of young relatives living in three states nearly a thousand miles apart. Each subject is adjusted for lighting, resolution, position, and amount of image available. Of the eight children shown, only the baby is completely unobstructed in its original photograph. The other images are lifted from snapshots and wallet-sized photos (some are low-res digital, some we scanned) and then positioned among the clover and flowers. Final size is 10 x 8.

We charge Basic Costs, plus $5 for each person added, and recommend 8 x 10 or larger if using more than 4 people. Smaller sizes lose detail but we can always make them smaller if you wish.

Cousins © B Green, Sanders Green Imaging, 2004 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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Golden Wedding Announcement

Photo Preservation. We all have them... fading photos, photos turning red, or photos damaged by water or other agents. If they are important to you, then now is the time to at least save a copy of them. Their condition will not improve and in most cases, they will continue to deteriorate. We can scan prints up to 8.5 x 11 inches, (larger if we stitch them together as we did for the newpaper article) and then save them to a thumb drive you provide. We can scan and adjust the color, or do a complete restoration. We also make prints up to 16 x 20.

We hope you understand that we cannot infringe on the copyrights of others, and will not scan or make prints from recent professional photographs.

Restoration and Editing © Sanders Green Imaging, 2013 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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Convento San Jose

Scanned Slides, Negatives or Imaged Documents. This 11 x 14 image is from a thirty year old slide found loose in a box. It has minimal damage despite being mishandled and jostled over the years. Please remember that major imperfections grow right along with the image as it enlarges and these might require restorative work. The only way to know if there is significant damage, is to scan the slide or negative and take a look. (An example of a damaged slide is in our Photo Gallery.)

Slides are generally in better shape than negatives, but again, the only way to know is to take a look, and that takes time.

Slide Scans are $3.00 each for singles, $2.00 each for 2-8 slides and $1.50 each for 9-16 slides. We are happy to quote for larger batches.

Negatives are $5.00 per 35mm strip with quotes available for batches.

Imaged Documents (pictures of pages) are quoted on request. (Printed on quality plain paper.)

Contact Sheets (printed on 8.5 x 11" coated paper) are also available for multiple scans for $5 each sheet.

Print prices are listed below. We must charge for the scan even if the product is not printable. We provide digital copies of your images at no extra charge as high-res JPEGS through email, or with minimal postage and handling on the thumb drive you provide.

All originals are returned unharmed and images printed from your negatives will be uncropped. We do not remove slides from their mounts to scan them.

Slide and Print: Convento de San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, 1720.  © B Green, Sanders Green Imaging, 1985; 2015 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

(No Restorative Work)
Satin or 5 x 7 $10.00 $13.00 $10.00
Matte 8 x 10 $13.00 $15.00 $13.00
  11 x 14 $23.00 $26.00 $23.00
  16 x 20 $30.00 $33.00 $30.00

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Digital Effects for a Fine Art Look

A Road Less Traveled

Watercolor Effect. Special photo effects can be very attractive when done well. They add an extra dimension to your photograph while giving you an attractive (and original) piece of fine art, suitable for matting and framing. We go the extra mile to ensure a product that not only looks professional, but also has the light, artful touches expected in watercolors. We print on lightly textured matte paper to complete the illusion and allow extra margins so you can use a mat when framing. We'll even sign it if you want, or you can sign it yourself — it is after all, your photograph. Our sample shows the 'before" photograph inset to give you an idea of where we started, but yours will simply be the art. Your original photo is returned unharmed.

If you have a special frame already picked out, just give us the dimensions of the front opening and the depth of the rabbet (where the glass sits in the back) and we will crop and size your work of art to fit perfectly. We highly recommend the use of a mat when framing any photograph, but especially these, so an 8x10 photo would generally mat to fit an 11 x 14 frame, and an 11 x 14 finished photo would mat to a 16 x 20 frame. If using a mat, then all you need to provide is the hole size of the mat and we will size your image to fit. You are offered a digital low-res image to proof before we print.

A Road Less Traveled. Effects © Sanders Green Imaging 2015 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

Digital Watercolor Special Effects
Matte: 5 x 7 $20.00 $10.00
Smooth 8 x 10 $30.00 $13.00
or 11 x 14 $45.00 $23.00
lightly 16 x 20 $60.00 $30.00

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Oil effects on stretched canvasOil Effects on Canvas Paper.  Here is another way to transform your photograph into a work of fine art.  Honestly, we were surprised by the excellence of paper canvas and find its durability, tension, and touch very comparable to real canvas. Of course, tears can happen (as with actual linen) but with care, no one can tell from looking at it that it is not the real deal. We use actual framing stretchers, canvas stretching pliers, and a staple gun to mount your enhanced photo and then apply textured finishes to complete the illusion. The finishes also add a layer of protection from environmental assaults. Our stretched canvas prints can be carefully cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and very mild cleaning solution, just like a real canvas.

Your photo can be wrapped onto stretchers up to 1.5" deep for a self-framed image, or we can mount it so it will fit into your frame. The depth of the stretcher determines the area available for the face of the work. In the example shown, the red outline depicts the final size of 12" x 17".  The image between the red outline and the black border depicts the surface area needed to wrap around 1.5" stretchers. The inset shows the original 4x6 photo that we scanned at 600 dpi. None of the original was lost to the final view, because the added surface (image) was cloned and drawn.

If the main subject of your image has open space around it that you don't mind losing to the wrap, we can just enlarge (STRETCH) the image to accommodate the wrap. Cloning and drawing takes more time and requires a small extra charge. Additionally, you should know that our maximum paper/print size is 17" wide by 22" high, so all individual final sizes must fall under that maximum; however, we can do multiples -- diptychs, triptychs — our computers can handle very large files and we are very good at stitching images.  Imagine your photo as a triptych on 3/4" stretchers hanging on your wall. Or imagine an arrangement of square images.

Stretcher lengths come in 1" increments and squares are as easy to make as rectangles. A wall surface covered in squares is limited only by your budget and imagination. To give you an idea of costs, an 8 x 8" square, wrapped onto 3/4" stretchers is $25.00. Create your own, original work of art using:

A single large photo broken up into adjacent squares

A series of themed images like plants, animals, skies, water, or things (cars, forks, etc.)

Children's drawings (give them squares of paper and your palette of crayons/markers/paints)

Splashes of color, geometric designs, or your own original drawings.

You create -- we make it happen!

A small shipping and handling fee will be added to our quote, and you approve all costs before we begin. We always tell you exactly what to expect. You will also be given the opportunity to approve any cropping that must be done. We ask that you submit photos or design samples (jpeg at a your highest resolution) before we quote. If you cannot create digital items, then contact us for mailing instructions.

Each of the single sizes listed below utilizes all of our maximum, 17" x 22'' paper size. Their final "face" size is determined by the depth of the stretchers (and the assumption that your photo enlarges proportionally.)

Your cost if we enlarge (stretch) your image to our maximum size: $80.00.

We charge $105.00 if we need to add to your photo (clone or draw) to increase the image size.

The largest final face size for a single image with a 1.5" wrap is 12" x 17"

For a single 3/4" or 1" wrap, the maximum face size is 13" x 18"

If we mount to fit your frame (no wrap) we offer a mazimum face of 16" x 20" on 3/4" stretchers.

Custom quotes on face sizes up to our maximum print limits are available in 1" increments starting at 6 inches.   Just tell us your width x height and the number of canvases required.  Have an idea?  Let us help you make it a reality. 

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Sketches that look like -- sketches. Here is yet another way to create fine art from your photograph, but we go beyond the ususal fare, and far beyond the push of a button.  We actually draw portions of your image once they are printed to complete the illusion, and, as with all our work, we pay close attention to the eyes. The graphic sketches are all in grayscale, but we can add a bit of color back into them (woman's hat) for a small extra charge  or print them in a wide range of colors for the more eclectic environment (see below). Pet Dog SketchPet in different colorsThe lady in the snow sample includes the "before" photograph to give you an idea of where we started, but yours will be the sktech only. Your original photo is returned unharmed.

We have found that trying to include the photograph's background usually makes the image too busy, and that one or two people usually make the best subjects. And don't forget your pets! Sketches are excellent ways to add those special family members to your gallery wall.

Images are printed on a cold pressed, professional stock that is slightly textured and has a beautiful matte finish. Sizes are from 8 x 10 to 16 x 20, and prices start at $30.00. Contact us today,

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Limited Edition, Vintage Prints. This is the newest addition to our list of products and something we hope you like. The thumbnails below (click to enlarge) are low-resolution examples of high-res images that we offer for sale as signed and numbered, 11" x 14" prints. With only 250 copies of each print offered, you are guaranteed exclusivity.  Of course, your print will not have our logo plastered all over it. Its provenance is provided on the back bottom of the print.

If you have your own vintage prints that you would like for us to produce and print in this style, your cost is $65 each. You can give us your tagline, or we will come up with one for you.

Grayscale images are printed in a sepia tone to enhance the vintage look. The wide margins allow for matting and we recommend matting to a frame size of 16x20 or 18x24. As always, we guarantee our quality.

Our individual prints sell for $35.00. Buy any 3 for $96, or 4 or more for $30.00 each. Shipping and handling is free for 3 or more and we'll happily quote for bulk or wholesale orders. We will add to this collection as we find more images, but once the edition is sold out, it is out of production forever.

Vintage Prints © Sanders Green Imaging 2015 (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

Commerce  Home Sweet Home  Road Trip 
Romance  Literate  Stylish 
Lunchbreak  Nates Place  Cruisin 

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Some of us are fortunate enough to know our ancestors and can find them throughout history, but for most of us, once we go beyond our grandparents, things get a bit sketchy.  This is where we can help.  All we need from you is a place to begin and the ability to talk with you along the way.

This is a treasure hunt of the greatest magnitude for you because it can belong to no other — it is yours alone, and no one knows what nuggets might lie in the pathways of those who walked before you.  It is an exciting journey and something you and your descendents can cherish forever.

Each search is different, and individual needs vary.  We will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote after your free consultation.  As a start point, our research begins at $75.  We provide printed and digital copies of all documents found, as well as your lineage in both decorative (see below) and functional layouts.  Quantifiable, experienced research, along with award winning design and dedication to excellence place Sanders Green in the signature worthy category of trust.  We would like to make this journey of discovery with you.

Below is a sample of a 16 x 20 decorative tree. Changes in background color and text style are easy enough, but the final format is ultimately determined by the family photos available and the number of people listed. You will be provided with opportunities for input and proofing before the final print is made.

Already have your lineage and just want a print? We can produce stand-alone variations of the image below using your information for around $85, if you provide your images as hight-res JPEGs and your data attached as a Word or Notepad (.txt) file. We'd rather not receive your original documents, but if that is all you have, contact us and we'll discuss some options.

Ready to begin? Let us give you a quote.

 family tree

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